Privacy Policy

India Travel Arts collects your personal information when get in contact with us for Travel Services. While our Travel Experts are preparing the travel products as itineraries quotations, we use your personal details as your contacts, mails etc. We keep your personal details very confidential. When your are choosing following information: Booking and purchases: when you share your details with us for any purchase or reservations on, we will share your details with the airlines, local hotels or with local transport providers. Please remember India Travel Arts will never disclose or sell your personal details to any one on any cost, including your name, address, or any transaction details to any third party. India Travel Arts will contact or communicate with you: If you have subscribed our publicity mails or we will contact you for confirming the reservations, any instant important update (this you can be called also on your GSM if required), Newsletters, Travel promotional mails.

If you have any additional questions or doubts regarding India Travel Arts site, please mail us on:, or We are very strictly following our Privacy Policies. Our team members are continuously doing their best to provide you a fantastic travel experience in India.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Before confirmation: Your purchase does not automatically guarantee a reservation. Your purchase will be confirmed via email once your amount received in our enterprises bank account. The cancellation fee policy will take effect once you submit your reservation. If your purchase cannot be confirmed for any reason, we will fully refund your purchase without any additional charges. We recommend each customer read and review the cancellation policy and consider purchasing a Travel Insurance policy.

Cancellation must be made by filling out and signing the India Travel Arts cancellation. Please explain why you are requesting a cancellation. Please write us on.

Contact Email :

Our below Refund Policy will be applicable for all confirmed tours and even if your VISA for India is declined.

21 days prior to departure – Non-refundable
22-35 Days Prior to Departure Date – 30% of total purchase amount can be refunded
36- 60 Days Prior to Departure Date – 50% of total purchase amount can be refunded
61 or more Days Prior to Departure Date – 70% of total purchase amount can be refunded

Amendment Fees:
Any changes made to confirmed bookings will be conciderdred as tour cancelation in this case same conditions will be applied.

Please note carefully : Airfare is completely non-refundable and non-changeable for tours when airfare is included in the final price.

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If you have any additional questions or doubts regarding India Travel Arts site, please mail us on: