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Karnataka Tour

Discover the charm of South India through Karnataka with its culture and traditions

Tour Routing: Bangalore – Mysore – Somnathpur – Sravanbelagola – Hassan – Halebid – Bellur – Chikmangalore – Hospet – Hampi – Aihole – Patadkal – Badami – Goa

Tour Duration

11 Days


Cultural and Heritage

Package Cost

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Day 1: Paris – Bangalore – Mysore (130 kms 2h30)

On arrival at Bangalore airport, you will take a panoramic tour of the city. The “Silicon Valley” of India is today one of the most important cities for trade and technology and is considered one of the most progressive and liberal cities.Panoramic tour of the city Bangalore and visit of the LalBag garden. Drive to Mysore and arrive at the hotel.

Overnight at hotel in Mysore.

Day 2: Mysore – Somnathpur – Mysore (50 Kms / 1h)

Breakfast at hotel and departure to Somnathpur where you will cross a beautiful countryside before visiting a beautiful temple dedicated to Vishnu dating back to the Hoysala period (11/12 th centuries). You will also visit the historical Sriragapattanam town of Sultan Tipu known as the Bengal Tiger and the Sultan’s Summer Palace.

Overnight at hotel

Day 3: Mysore

Breakfast at the hotel. Capital of the Wodeyar dynasty of the empire of Vijayanagar, which declared its independence in the 16th century. Today it is a pleasant city with the charm of the old world with wide avenues, well presented gardens, beautiful buildings and an ideal climate. In the afternoon visit the city which gave its name to one of the biggest princely states of India. Visit the Maharadjah Palace which will give you an idea of the magnificence of the splendor of India of old.

Inside this palace halls and grandiose corridors, massive silver portals inlaid with gems, mahogany domes and colored glass ceilings. Walk into the local market brimming with colors and scents. Mysore is renowned for its sandalwood articles, silk saris and incense made in small family workshops. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: Mysore – Sravanbelagola – Hassan (120 Kms / 3h)

Breakfast at the hotel before heading to Hassan. On a sacred hill made of more than 600 steps, you can see one of the largest granite statue of Bahubali dating back to the 9th century Ganga period, which refers to the Jain religion that was present here in the past and Which still persists today.

Every 12 years takes place a great ceremony of washing the statue with thousands of pots of milk, saffron, coconut milk and many other things. You may have the opportunity to see the Jain pilgrims who are present throughout India. Arrival and installation at the hotel of Hassan.

Day 5: Hassan – Halebid – Bellur – Chikmanglore (80 Kms)

Breakfast at the hotel. Visits to the Halebid temples which are now in ruins but which in the 12th century was known as Siva-Samudra, the capital of the Hoysala and two wonderful temples Hoisaleshwara and Shanteleshawara which are two temples dedicated to the god Shiva. You will then take the road to Bellur where you will see a magnificent temple still active that is dedicated to Vishnu. Drive to Chikmanglore and overnight at hotel.

Day 6: Chikmangalore – Hospet (280 Kms / 5h30)

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive towards Hampi. This new stage will allow you to make a great crossing of the Karnataka plateau with the lively markets of the villages, the bare plateaus alternating with the rice paddies coconut palms and the forests. Arrival at the end of the day and transfer to your hotel. Overnight at hotel

Day 7: Hospet – Hampi – Hospet (20 Kms / 30)

Breakfast at the hotel. Day of exploration of the site of Hampi. Hampi is a fantasy, an architectural creation of rocks and mineral concretions coming straight out of the mind of a giant. UNESCO has consecrated it as world heritage. Hampi, was the seat of the Vijayanagara empire and capital of post-Mogul India. The Vijayanagara empire spread over three states: Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The ruins of the 17th century extend in a tangle of rocks and vegetation. Many were the palaces and temples that adorned this city and whose ruins reflect the past splendor. The monuments are grouped mainly in 2 zones, the sacred enclosure and the royal enclosure. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: Hospet – Patadkal – Aihole – Badami (120 Kms / 3 hours)

Breakfast at the hotel. On the way to Badami, stop at the unmissable sites of Pattadakal and Aihole. The State of Karnâtaka illustrates the culmination of an eclectic art which in the 7th and 8th centuries under the aegis of the Chaluky dynasty was able to achieve a happy synthesis of the architectural forms of northern and southern India.

There are an imposing series of 9 Hindu temples and a Jain sanctuary. In this group stands a pure masterpiece: the temple of Virupasksha raised around 740 by Queen Lokamahadevi to commemorate the victory of her husband on the sovereigns of the South. Visit continued by the site of Badami classified World Heritage of UNESCO. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 9: Badami – Goa

Breakfast at the hotel and departure to Goa via the Malabar coast. This enclave with Portuguese accents has preserved its heritage and its unique way of life. You will admire the road covered with coconut palms and its tropical vegetation. Overnight at hotel

Day 10: Goa

Breakfast at hotel and visit of Goa. More than 1000 years of Hindu and Muslim sovereignty were followed by five centuries of Portuguese sovereignty from 1510 AD, which provided Goa with an unexpected mixture of Eastern and Western culture.

The Portuguese landed in 1510. They remained masters there until 1961 and greatly influenced the lifestyle and culture of the Goannais. The area is known as “Portuguese India”. Tranfer to Airport.